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SLM – Selective Laser Melting


3D metal printing and its origins

This printing technology may seem to be - and it is - an absolute novelty but its origins may be traced back to the American army. Before the printing of metal parts was made available on a public scale, it had its baptism of fire during the Desert Storm; operation in Iraq (1991).
The 3D printer was used to produce equipment and weapon parts. The 3D metal printing market currently provides several solutions. The DMLS technology is perfect for prototyping or manufacturing short production runs. Thanks to the great freedom in creating complex geometries that are difficult to carry out using removal methods, i.e. machining etc.
This technology is widely applied in many industries, from aerospace, through medicine and jewelry, to the engineering and chemical industries.

3D metal printer and its operation


Budowa drukarki 3D do metalu

Application of SLM 3D

  • short production series
  • complicated production tools
  • prototypes of details
  • injection molds
  • elements working at high temperatures

Materials used in the SLM method

  • 1.404(316L)
  • 1.4542(GP1)
  • AlSi10Mg (EN AC-43000)
  • 1.2709 (MS1)

Main advantages of SLM technology

  • no waste
  • low power consumption compared to other 3D printing methods
  • metal printing is perfect for prototypes
  • you can quickly produce missing or broken parts with this method