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3D scanning with texture

Scanning with the original texture is designed to reflect not only the actual shape of the object, but also its colors as they appear in reality.
We are equipped with technology that not only meets the requirements of NIMOZ (National Institute for Museums and Public Collections), but we go a step further ...


White Balance

Skanowanie muzealiów i obiektów muzealnychScanning objects with colored texture requires proper equipment preparation. One of the most important elements is correct white balance. Our smartSCAN-HE R8 scanner has this function.
Except for 3D geometry, during the scanning process, we also take into account colored texture. For this purpose, we use scanner or external lighting, which eliminates the shading effect.
The triangle mesh (* .stl) obtained in such a manner contains information about RGB colors for each apex of such a triangle. The final result is presented in *.ply format. The scan has a colored texture, but its quality is strictly related to the scan resolution. There is no need to use a high resolution scanner because the final file (* .ply) begins to grow exorbitantly reaching the size of several GB for very large objects.

Colored texture

skanowanie w kolorzeDuring the PLY file compression, the texture details are lost. Small parts of the object begin to lose their resolution and the scan result can be used only for general presentation.
The solution to this problem is the use of modern technique of textures applied from external sources.
Colored texture is obtained by using a camera (e.g. 50 Mpix resolution).
Using the modern algorithms developed by the Scanner Innovation Center in Meersburg, the matching of the higher resolution texture with the texture obtained from the scanner is done automatically.


Advantages of color scanning

The solution provides the following advantages:

  • texture with a much higher resolution than the scanner
  • Scan compression without any impact on the texture resolution, i.e. reducing the size of the file without losing the quality of the details.
  • Possibility to connect the scanner with imaging devices other than the camera, e.g. infrared photos, which sometimes reveals additional secrets
  • Crisp texture in every scan resolution

skanowanie z teksturą i rezultaty