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Photogrammetry - 3D measurements

DPA photogrammetry

DPA photogrammetry is an advanced 3D measurement system that enables the precise measurement of geometric values of large objects and accurate positioning of scanners, measuring arms or laser trackers. Colloquially, it is called 3D measurements from photographs.

3D geometry measurements

Quick and precise determination of geometric dimensions of large objects.

The DPA photogrammetric system by AICON 3D Systems GmbH is a certified 3D coordinate machine determining geometric dimensions, deviations from 3D CAD model or measurement based on discrete points.
DPA makes it possible to measure the both the spacing between points and features (circles, planes), flatness (e.g. measuring tables) and assess whether the obtained results should be applied to the CAD model to specify the deviation from it. Photogrammetry provides much higher measurement accuracy than popular arms. Additional adapters enable us to measure the position of small holes, edges or flatness.

Deformation analysis

Quick and precise determination of the level of object deformation under the influence
of external forces.

Measurement and analysis of deformations are sometimes tedious and time-consuming. In order to analyze the deformation, you can scan objects and compare the obtained result with the mathematical structure. The situation is different, however, when analyzing large
Let us take an analysis of a cistern or water tank with the capacity of several thousand liters, the scanning time is long and the quality of scan compilation entails a high error rate. A solution to this problem is the DPA photogrammetric system from the German company, AICON 3D Systems GmbH.
We use it to analyze the deviation against the 3D CAD model, as well as the measurement points with respect to each other before and after the influence of the distorting forces. The use of the DPA photogrammetry system makes the object size irrelevant.

High resolution matrix

50 Mpix - the resolution of our systems

Special lens

To obtain the highest measurement precision, we use metric AICON lens

Photogrammetric measurements, i.e. 3D scanning, using the highest resolution camera ...

We also specialize in providing various services in the field of photogrammetry. We make very accurate 3D measurements using photographic equipment of the highest resolution possible. Thanks to our experience, technical knowledge and the use of precision equipment, it is not a problem for us to measure shapes and size of objects based on photos. On this basis, we are also able to determine their exact location and detailed dimensions. When it comes to 3D measurements, we can offer not only three-dimensional models, but also technical documentation or other related materials. We offer great opportunities and it is for you to decide if and to what extent you want to use them. Contact us and receive professional and quick consultation on the relevant measurements.