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Lidar 3D Scanning

3D scanning of buildings in Poznan

Our company provides services in the field of three-dimensional scanning with use of technologies such as photogrammetry, lasers and structured light. We also sell professional 3D scanners. As distributor, we collaborate with the manufacturer of best scanning equipment available on global market. For years we have been delivering trusted and effective solutions to industry and private entrepreneurs.

What kind of 3D equipment do we use?

For all offered services we use the best quality equipment. One of our most frequently used devices is the professional industry scanner Aicon SmartScan HE 8Mpx, which provides the possibility of scanning with accuracy up to 0,01mm. This great precision is achieved with the use of high resolution cameras and dedicated structured light projector. Described technologies allow exact object mapping, including small-scale details and complex architectural structures. Owing to this, we are able to guarantee very high standard of our services.

How do we do it?

During scanning process a point cloud is generated, which we then use to produce a polygonal (STL triangle mesh) or parametric model (in any format) in professional software. Next, we deliver the generated model with full report of object’s quality control to our client. All files sent by us are editable and allow further postprocessing.

In case of interest in our services, we encourage to contact us. We offer free pricing from picture and attractive prices for 3D scanning.