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3D scanning

3D scanning - what is it?

Technology has a huge impact on our reality today. We spend most of our time in the virtual world. It often serves as a workplace, enables gaining new knowledge, maintaining social contacts and provides entertainment at an unprecedented level. Every year, new technologies and inventions are created that directly contribute to the increasing digitalization of our reality. 3D scanning is a perfect example of this phenomenon. This technology has a relatively short history, but it is already indispensable in engineering and in many other industries and sectors. If you read this article to the end, you will find out what the 3D scan is and how it works.


What is the 3D scanner?

The 3D scanner is a specialized optoelectronic device that accurately analyzes any structure, object or even surroundings to obtain the data necessary to create a three-dimensional digital model. Currently, the industry is growing rapidly, which is why many new manufacturers of various devices for 3D scanning have entered the market. They differ in class, performance parameters and functionalities. Renowned companies offering 3D scanning services work only on professional equipment, such as Aicon (Hexagon group) devices which offer extremely precise 3D scanning thanks to their blue-structured light scanning technology. Devices offered by this brand are also equipped with many other contact or contactless solutions that significantly contribute to the increase in work comfort and efficiency. Aicon scanners have monochrome or color high resolution cameras and laser pointers to quickly determine the position of the scanner in relation to the detail. Thanks to the automatic table, it is possible to quickly and effectively perform 3D scanning because its modular design has a compact shape and low weight, which is why it is ideal for outdoor and indoor measurements.


How does 3D scanning work?

3D scanning is the process of collecting many coordinates of points from a real object and transferring them into virtual reality. The cloud of points created in this way is processed in the Optocat software where the points are connected with lines. This is a basis for creating a polygonal model comprising a triangle mesh. It's a simplified definition because there are actually many 3D scanning technologies that are significantly different from each other. They can be classified according to the following categories:


  • Contact technology - in this case, specialized devices perform 3D scanning of the object through a physical touch when the object is placed on a polished measuring plate. Mounting brackets are used, if the surface of the object prevents stable positioning on the measuring plate.
  • Active non-contact technology - it involves the use of active 3D scanners that emit light, ultrasound or X-rays, and detect emerging reflections or radiation passing through the tested object.
  • Passive non-contact technology - this is the opposite of active technology. In this case, the device performing the 3D scan does not emit its own light. Instead, it analyzes the natural ambient light. Such 3D scanning offers the lowest price because there is usually no need to invest in specialist equipment.



3D scanning - application

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that 3D scan is a technology widely used in engineering and in many other fields and industries as the 3D scanner enables to quickly and easily create any three-dimensional object, as well as accurately measure its components. Therefore, 3D scanning is also used in medicine, construction and building industry or even in fields such as archeology and paleontology. 3D scanning is necessary for the following tasks:

  • measurement of geometry, volume and surface area of real objects,
  • design,
  • reverse engineering,
  • quality control,
  • tests and simulations,
  • non-contact inspection,
  • consumption monitoring,
  • object digitalization,
  • collections archiving,
  • virtual museums,
  • rapid prototyping


3D scanning and 3D scanner - price

3D scanning is a technologically advanced field, however, due to the intensive development of the industry, the price of services decreases every year as new companies appear on the market, offering 3D services and scanners of dubious quality. Our company, unlike the competition, has the highest class, professional 3D scanner, which has its own software (Optocat) in which we can process and postprocess the collected data. Our company's 3D
scanners are more effective, productive and work faster. If you want to learn the exact price of individual services, including 3D scanning, or the purchase price of the Aicon 3D scanner, please be sure to analyze our offer carefully. We are one of the few companies offering a comprehensive 3D scanning services across the country. We will certainly find a satisfactory offer for you. Our prices might not be the lowest, but cheaper does not mean better.