W 2018 roku firma B3D s.c. została objęta dofinansowaniem na operację w ramach działania „Realizacja lokalnych strategii rozwoju kierowanych przez społeczność” objętego Priorytetem 4 Zwiększenie zatrudnienia i spójności terytorialnej w zakresie Programu Operacyjnego „Rybactwo i Morze” na lata 2014 – 2020, w ramach celu: Wspieranie różnicowania działalności w ramach rybołówstwa przemysłowego i poza nim, wspieranie uczenia się przez całe życie i tworzenie miejsc pracy na obszarach rybackich i obszarach akwakultury obejmującej różnicowanie działalności lub dywersyfikacja zatrudnienia osób wykonujących pracę związaną z sektorem rybołówstwa i akwakultury przez tworzenie lub utrzymanie miejsc pracy niezwiązanych z podstawową działalnością rybacką. Operacja jest realizowana pt. „Alternatywny rozwój lokalnej działalności gospodarczej w innowacyjnych technologiach”. W wyniku realizacji operacji zostanie osiągnięty cel określony jako: Szeroko rozumiany rozwój przedsiębiorstwa w zakresie jakościowym i ilościowym. Efektem operacji jest wzrost zatrudnienia poprzez utworzenie miejsca pracy w ilości 1 etatu oraz wzrost dochodowości przedsiębiorstwa. Całkowita wartość operacji to 226.487,40 zł; wartość pomocy finansowej przyznanej na realizację operacji: 92.068,00 zł; współfinansowanie ze środków Unii Europejskiej, w ramach EFMR, wynosi 78.258,00 zł.
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3D Modeling


Modeling of buildings in 3D technology

You probably know that we are dealing with a wide range of 3D scanning, 3D printing and modeling. We are also familiar with structure modeling using 3D technology! We also have a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge on this subject which we have been exploring for many years of work in the design industry. This knowledge is useful in 3D scanning and property condition survey . We also carry out surveys of pipes in buildings and halls. Our equipment extends our capabilities and 3D modeling and designing is no secret to us.

3D modeling of buildings is an extremely difficult task, and engineering competences are crucial in this matter. Our specialists are graduates of the best design schools and technical universities across the country. We will share with you our experience and knowledge in the field of architecture and construction of commercial structures! Trust the specialists for whom design and modeling of buildings is not only a daily bread, but also a great passion! We are the one you are looking for!

CAD modeling of objects resulting from reverse engineering or design based on the documentation provided. The formats we provide are: * .IGS, * .STP, * .ASCI, * .PLY, * .OBJ.

Digitization of documentation

Document digitization is carried out in the scope of conversion from archival documentation to digital 2D and 3D formats.
We make parametric 2D CAD drawings or 3D models of industrial, structural and machine elements.

3D design

We prepare 3D designs in the scope of engineering and construction of machines and industrial elements. We specialize in designing various construction elements, frames, supports, etc. For each project, we can perform a series of strength calculations (including MES calculations) that enable determining the right selection of materials, shapes and detecting the weakest points.

3D CAD modeling consists in parameterizing any object in the digital world.

There are two modeling methods. You can use imagination or previously scanned objects that
reflect real structures in a precise manner.


We also offer 3D design services which involves engineering of machines and industrial
elements and digitalizing 2D documentation, i.e. preparing 3D models based on archival 2D

Our company's offer includes:

  • modeling in any format (IGS, ACIS, STEP, Parasolid, ProE, Catia, VRLM, STL, etc.)
  • modeling directly from flat documentation (2D), sketches, photos, real details of models or even descriptions
  • preparing virtual or real, fully functional prototypes of devices and various kinds of mechanisms
  • modeling from STL files obtained from 3d scanning.


Do you want to print an item based on your own design? Do you have a lot of ideas and want to see what 3D modeling is about? Nothing easier! Our company and the 3D modeling technology will help you. These types of services are not very popular on our market as they require, first and foremost, specialist knowledge in the field of engineering and design. Fortunately, our company and its employees are experts in this field and they will help you create or refine your current project!

Special software and professional equipment allows us to implement your projects - without any problems! We may also provide you consultancy. Everything we offer is based on our technical knowledge and many years of experience in the 3D design industry. Trust our specialists and contact us today! Nobody will understand you better than people with positive energy and passion.