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Quality control

We scan with the accuracy of 0.01 mm

We use the latest model of a high-end industrial scanner by a German manufacturer, AICON 3D System, which is why we are completely confident about the quality of our services.

The customer receives a measurement report with the option of self-editing, i.e. making screenshots, showing cross-sections, displaying the deviation map in any position.

Industrial 3D measurements

We provide 3D measurement services using a structured light scanner. Our device is equipped with two cameras with 8Mpix resolution and enables conducting the digitalization process with the accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. We perform scanning of industrial facilities using advanced
measurement software.

This is why we can provide a quick assessment of the product quality. By comparing the scanned object with the mathematical model, we can quickly make a reliable and independent assessment of the geometry and its compliance with the constructors assumptions. The colored deviation map is a convenient tool to assess irregular shapes.
Scanning industrial facilities with this system ensures that data will not only be precise, but it will provide an excellent level of details. The two cameras with 8Mpix resolution quickly capture even the smallest details and errors in the shape as their scanning precision is +/- 0.01mm.

3D scanners also improve the industry and the manufacturing sector worldwide. They are used as quality control tools, when their three-dimensional scanning spectrum plays a key role. 3D quality control is a solution introduced in thousands of production lines around the globe! Our scanners perfectly detect shapes and textures and provide a detailed comparison with a specific pattern. Due to its high precision and intended use, our equipment that provides the best opportunity to detect failures and deviations from the norm.

The only task of our 3D scanners is to precisely detect all textures, shapes and objects. 3D hardware analyzes the exact construction of each examined object, which makes it the perfect quality controller! We assure you that 3D quality control plays a decisive role in streamlining the production process, regardless of the type of industry in question!