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About us

B3D is a modern reverse engineering company offering

  • 3D scanners
  • 3D scanning, printing and modeling services

Reverse engineering workflow

A team of engineers for whom 3D technology is a passion.
We are one of few Polish companies providing all customers with professional industrial 3D
scanners and related reverse engineering services. Why are we trustworthy? As we have the
premium world-class devices...
Our long-term experience has enabled us to specialize in designing geometric elements, as
well as element with irregular shapes, e.g. artistic objects
We recreate objects with the accuracy up to hundredths of millimeters. We provide CAD
models in any format, e.g.*.IGES, *.STEP,*.X_T.
We deliver quality measurement to customers who can further edit 3D files and create *PDF
We are able to provide the highest scans with texture (color). Each triangle from the triangle
mesh is a single bitmap with high clarity. It is particularly useful in the field of 3D
museology, archeology, architecture and advertising.