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  • 3d scan in *.STL format?
  • 3d scan with texture(color)?
  • 3d scan and parametric model – CAD solid in different formats *.STEP , *.IGS, *.X_T etc.?
  • Quality control with deviation map report? Comparison to CAD model?
  • Quote for 3d scanner or other product?

About us

ParaCAD3D is a modern company in the industry reverse engineering offering
  • 3d scanners
  • scanning services, printing and 3D modeling

We are one of the few companies on Polish market which guarantees all customers professional industrial 3D scanners and related services for reverse engineering. Why us? Because we provide services using a world-class equipment and valuable experience in the industry.

The experience we have been gaining for many years has enabled us to specialize in the design of elements with geometric shapes and elements with splined surfaces, e.g. artistic objects

We reproduce the items to the nearest hundredths of a millimeter. We provide CAD models in any format eg. *. IGES, .step * *. X_T.
Quality measurement reports of are made available to customers with the ability to self-edit 3D files, and generate your own report in * .PDF files.

We are able to provide the highest quality scans with texture (color). Each triangle mesh of triangles is a single bitmap is characterized by clarity. Texture mapping applies in the field of museum exhibits, architecture and advertising.